Taoex Online Version 2

Taoex Online Has Been Updated to Version 2

That’s right we have done a bit of upgrading to the online version of the game. We have made it both easier to play and yet harder to win. We have also updated the scoring system to more accurately reflect the offline game.

The way we made it easier to play is by activating path highlighting on enemy tiles and towers. To see if any of your pieces are in danger of being captures simply click on a potential threat to see where  that threat can go on their turn. Or, if a player’s skill level is so good players can now elect to turn off all path highlighting to really test themselves.

We have also turned up the heat a little by adjusting the computer AI to make the computer players more aggressive. Did it really make it that much harder? Well, there is only one way to find out. Take on 4 or 5 computer opponents set to hard AI to test your powers of observation and game acumen.

In the near future we will be releasing a peer to peer version that will be mobile friendly and will connect to the Taoex Club. But for now, one step at a time.

Enjoy the version and let us know what you think.