The journey that is Taoex began more than 31 years ago. This multi-player game had humble beginnings that allowed for only two players at a time. Since then we have had as many as 8 players around 1 table plying their skills at observation, memory and strategy ultimate highs and devastating lows. There are several variations of this game that can be played including a point structure that can produce friendly wagering.


People have been asking where or how to get a copy of this game for 25 years. After all that time there is finally an opportunity for people to own a copy of this unique gaming experience. While we were preparing this limited release we thought we had better create a message board for players to communicate. Perhaps we are thinking too far in advance but we also thought we would let others join in the fun by helping to establish the Taoex association.


Are you ready to test your luck against your friends and the game itself? When we say that the game plays you we weren't kidding. Do you have the smarts to win?

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New to the game? This is the place to go to ask questions and learn some strategies. Join the community and find worthwhile opponents to test your gamesmanship on.

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Register your tournaments for yearly bragging rights for your location. Join the TAOEX Club to register your regional club for yearly tournaments and rankings.

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Join the latest craze in board gaming by playing TAOEX online using a tablet to comfortably enjoy a game while relaxing on the couch with your friends.

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If you have any game related questions please use the forum as the answer may be found there. Also, the community might be able to help you out or might be interested in your comments.

Should you need to contact us.
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