Do you love excellent strategy games with a twist? Are you good with a compass? Want an experience that combines chess-like intelligence and endgame positioning with mathematical precision and cunning?

Here is your opportunity to excel at a multi-directional strategy board game, where you can capture your opponent’s pieces (hex shaped tiles) and prove your superior intelligence. Or they may surprise you with a ‘coup de grace’ tactic and eliminate you – all in the name fun!

All opponents (two to six) challenge each other on hex shaped board spaces within a larger hex designed game board. You’ll need to pay attention to stay aware of the opponent’s gathering of other tiles, creating a ‘Tower of Power’. The more tiles in a tower (max 6), the more directions the tower may move. The more powerful the towers, the more power you wield!!.

Taoex board game

Taoex has several different ways to play for all skill levels of players.

Do you desire power and need to win at all cost? Capture Tile towers that stride across the board, then can wrap around the game board. Surprise your opponents with your intellectual prowess.