Online TAOEX Multiplayer Help

The objective to the game of TAOEX is to capture a tower of 6 single opposing player’s tiles.

Naturally, players can win by eliminating all the other players or, by capturing an opponents tower that contains enough of their own tiles to liberate 6 or more.

Players control the board and the game with a mouse. Both left and right clicking, along with the scroll wheel, are required to play this game.

Also, within the board screen there is a game compass in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking on any of the compass points will automatically change the view to that section of the board and the camera angle.

  • Left click & hold to drag the perspective forward and back as well as left to right.
  • Right click & hold to drag the perspective diagonally and change the camera angle from top view to board level.
  • Center scroll wheel controls some pre-set camera angles by scrolling forward and back.

The tabbed help section does not represent all the game rules. What it does offer is some basic rules as they pertain to playing the game online. While it is always helpful to know all the rules before playing a game but, the rules to the game are incorporated into the building of the online version of TAOEX. The tabbed information is all you need to know before playing the game.



To start a new online game simply click on the Online Game button. (To maximize the game window, click on the double arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.)



Enter a player name in the text field (no spaces or special character). Click the Connect button to login or the Back button to leave.



From this screen the connected player can create either a Public or Private Room to host a game or, Join a Random or Private Room to play against online opponents. To Join a private Game a player would need to Enter a Room Code that they had received from the room host.