Taoex Trainer

Playing The Game

The Way
The object of the game is to eliminate both of the computer opponents. To do this you are given 12 Brown Tiles that navigate across the board that is governed by a central compass. Press the New Game button to randomize the starting places for all three opponents.
By clicking the top of any Brown Tiles, a path in "light blue" shows the direction, and the number of hexes, a tile can move in a turn. If you do not want to move that tile, click in an unlit hex to deselect and choose another brown tile to move.
To zoom in and out of the playing surface, use the scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse. To zoom in push the scroll wheel away from you. To zoom out, pull the scroll wheel towards you. It is a good idea to use this feature throughout your game if you like winning.
A little perspective goes a long way when applied properly. To change your perspective "left clicking" while dragging the mouse will move the board forward/backward and left to right. To rotate the board 360 degrees, and change the viewing angle, "right click" while dragging the mouse in the desired angle.
To move a tile, once it has been selected, simply click on the lit hex that you wish the tile to land on. In the image below the NW3 tile elected to move onto the yellow line, or "Way" as seen in the images of the previous 3 tabs. When a tile lands on the "Way" a roll is generated as seen at the top of the image.
When rolling the Taoex Die on "The Way" players are given a choice, if applicable, that will be highlighted. You MUST choose where you would like your tile to land by clicking on the lit hex. In the image below the brown player can either move left to the empty hex or he could elect to capture the small enemy tower on the right by clicking on it.

The advantage of Towers is that they can give you multiple choices in the direction your Tower can move. In the image below the Tower has the choice of moving up to 2 hexes in the North East (light blue hexes) or it uses the extra movement given by the "Hook" tile (pink hexes) by first moving either NE 1 or 2 followed by a SE 1. Again, clicking on any of the lit hexes moves the Tower in that direction.
In the image below, we can see that when the restrictions of movement along "The Way" are no longer in play, Towers can have a great many options of movement. The brown North East 2 (NE2) still has the options of moving up to 2 in the NE direction, and it still has the option of the extra movement of adding the South East 1 (SE1) movement from the Hook tile. Or, the player may elect to use either the SE3 to move up to 3 hexes in the South East direction or, by using the S2 to move South up to 2 hexes and landing on "The Way", for another forced roll of the die.
In the image below we can see that not only does the Brown NE2 controlled Tower have a lot of movement options that include the SE1 Hook tile in pink, but if you look on the far side of the board you will see that there are 2 light blue hexes over there. The Tower would use a SE3 move to get over to the furthest of the hexes. once again, simply clicking on the lit hex you want to move to.
Each Tower can only be 6 Tiles high. When a Tower captures another Tower you will have to select which Tiles you would like to keep in your Tower by selecting them. In the image below you can see that 6 of the buttons are brighter than the 1 greyed out Green NE3 button. Once you have made your selection click Finished and the lit buttons will form your new Tower. **Note** Each Tower can contain only 1 Hook tile.