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Clean Talk Anti-Spam to the Rescue

Clean Talk Anti-Spam to the Rescue

I don’t normally add non Taoex specific posts to this site, but I am so grateful to Clean Talk for helping me battle the spammers who were blowing up my inbox with unwanted porn promotions and God only knows what else. As if this wasn’t bad enough the site was constantly getting hammered with spambot hits scraping my content, messing up my analytics and looking for JavaScript vulnerabilities to name but a few of their nefarious activities.

Today alone my site had 523 attempts blocked by the Clean Talk firewall system that employs a Cloud based Anti-spam service that helps keep your site bot free without the aid of Catcha. No questions to answer, no identifying pictures, no puzzles as this plugin just runs in the background and it is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU). As if all of that weren’t enough this Anti-spam plugin for WordPress sites works with many of the more popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and Formidable Form Builder to name but a few.

Some of the other popular WordPress based plugins that Clean Talk supports are WooCommerce, Elementor and bbPress registrations, logins, forums, topics, and replies (very handy indeed).

After signing up for their Free Trial for my badly abused site I saw quite quickly just how beneficial this system was and without even waiting 24 hours I signed up for their 10-site package and added to another 7 of my self-hosted WordPress sites and then added 2 popular client sites that I knew were getting excessive amounts of email spam to round out my 10-site subscription. To make things even better, because I signed up for the 10-site package right away, the good folks at CleanTalk Inc. a Nevada based company, gave me the bonus of an additional year of service for free. A win-win situation.

Within a few days of using their Anti-spam plugin I also bought their 10-site Security package which is providing protection for things like Brute-force attacks, Malware and more.
If you run any self hosted WordPress sites I highly recommend signing up for the Clean Talk services to help protect your site(s) and the visitors who frequent your online businesses, blogs, or informational sites. You won’t regret it and neither will your visitors.

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